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Did Your Child Score Only A  “Band 2” or “B”/”C” For Math At The Recent SA2?

Learn More About Our Guaranteed Results Upper Primary Math Programme That Is Taught By Experienced MOE-Trained Teachers Who Have Prepared Hundreds Of
PSLE Students Over The Last Decade!

Best of All.. You Pay Only If Your Child Improves!

Your Child’s 1st Step To Math Success Begins Here
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    Did You Know?

    Please read this if your child is scoring below your expectations for Math today

    Tremendous changes have been made to the Upper Primary Math syllabus.

    Because of this…

    The Number 1 reason why so many students struggle with Math today is not because they do not practise hard enough or spend enough time memorising concepts. Instead, it is due to the fact they are now faced with examinations and tests with a greater emphasis on logical thinking, inferential ability and creativity. And, the fact of the matter is many children (most probably including your child) are ill-equipped with the right tools to handle such questions – which is precisely why they are struggling today (especially in the killer problem sums area which bears the most weightage in the exam)!

    Beyond this…

    With the recent tweaks made to the school system, it has become even more important to prepare your child for the unknown. This is especially so if your child is deprived of the opporunity to use the mid-year examinations as a feedback channel to better understand his/her weak areas, and to prepare for the year-end SA2 which will bear a higher weightage than before.

    The high stakes nature of the SA2 in the new system (especially for P5 students) means that it has become more crucial to equip your child with the right fundamentals early on. This is to enable your child to avoid any nasty shocks and be ready to face the coming year with confidence.  

    I too am a parent, and as parents, I am sure that you do not want your child to bring a knife into a gunfight. If they do so, it means that they will face a greater risk of not being able to meet the entry requirements for their desired secondary school pathway following the PSLE. 

    Given this, it is now crucial for you to take action today by helping your child to minimise his/her struggle in Math. Prolonging your child’s pain will not only be unfair to your child, but more importantly will also cause your child to have less time to prepare well for crucial National Examinations such as the PSLE.

    So, take it from our experienced team of MOE-trained teachers… Your child is probably being taught all the wrong “grade-killing” methods right now which are unable to keep up with the ever changing system!

    What do I mean? Here’s a checklist for your easy understanding:

    Grade Killer #1: Memorising Formulas And Theories

    Math is a fluid subject. As such, no amount of memory work will help your child during crunch time (exam time), if your child does not understand the relevant concepts first.

    If your child is currently trying to memorise formulas and follow specific steps in order to attempt a particular Math question… stop. It’s a waste of brain space!

    Instead of this ineffective method, your child should be taught how to understand, diagnose and actively solve each and every Math question at the conceptual level first. Only then will your child be able to manage the tricky problem sums section well.

    Through our “Think And Do” approach, we prepare our students to be ready for all types of questions (no matter how tricky), and have the right approach to score high marks for them.

    Grade Killer #2: Careless Mistakes

    Careless mistakes are the bane of many upper primary students’ existence.

    I’m not exaggerating (I wish I was).

    Many students often complain that they scored very poorly for their exams as they made careless mistakes which pulled down their grades massively.

    Thankfully, we have a careful reading technique specially designed to tackle this grade killer.

    It helps students to identify specific key words to analyse a question and how to avoid missing out key information when attempting the questions.

    Most students reduce the amount of careless marks lost after applying this simple but effective answering method.

    Grade Killer #3: Examination Stress

    No matter how well prepared your child is, being in a stressful exam environment can lead to severe under-performance.

    This is especially true for Math, which requires a lot more stamina than other subjects.

    That’s why we put our students through intense exam preparations. This is an essential mental strengthening exercise often overlooked by others.

    Just so you know, we don’t only do generic “mock exams”. Instead, we delve deep into each student’s character, and customize our teaching techniques to fit their learning patterns.

    This ensures 100% readiness to perform at peak ability, even in the face of overwhelming stress.

    We Recognise And Address These Grade Killers

    With Our Proven Learning System For Math

    Gone are the days when Math exams were all about mindless practice and root learning.

    To score well for today’s Math exams, your child needs to be proficient in logical thinking, inferential ability and creativity.

    I’m assuming those skillsets are currently lacking in your child’s arsenal. That’s why you’re here after all!

    You want (need) a solution. A proven-to-work formula so your child can easily ace Math exams.

    A simple yet effective study system to help your child navigate and conquer the choppy waters of Upper Primary Mathematics.

    Good news:

    You Came to The Right Place!

    Do Applied Learning’s Guaranteed Results Math Programme is exactly what your child requires to finally score that elusive “A” or “A*” grade.

    Hundreds of upper primary students have been taught, and have benefited from our teaching methods. And now, so can your child!

    First things first. Register For Your Complimentary Upper Primary Math Consultation.

    We will explain to you what your child’s game plan should be based on his/her aptitude and learning ability; Why our methods work a lot better than others; and, How we can pull your child’s Math grade up by 10% or more within just months.

    Fill in your details below, and we’ll contact you to arrange your consultation ASAP. Talk soon!

    To Your Child’s Math Success.

    Schedule Your Child’s Free Assessment (Worth $150)!

    We look forward to adding your child to our growing list of Math success stories

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