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Secondary School Parents – SA2 Results Were Recently Released…
Did Your Child Do Well (Score At Least B3) For English?

Here’s DOAL’s 5-Step English Excellence Methodology
For Secondary Students

Find Out More About Your Child’s “Secret Weapon”
To Excel In Next Year’s EOY English Paper…
Specially Designed To Help Weaker Students Make
Rapid & Significant Improvements 

By Teacher Daniel Ong, Former Award Winning MOE Officer & English Language Specialist

We Are Singapore’s ONLY English Education Centre That Operates On A
Pay-Only-If-Your-Child- Improves Basis.* 

(*This means that you can walk away at anytime with no penalty whatsoever should your child not benefit from the lessons here as there is no such thing like admin fees or deposit payments to hold you back should you ever want/need to stop lessons.) 

We Do This Due To The Full Confidence We Have In Our Programme To Enable
Your Child To Achieve MASSIVE Improvement & Sustain It Over Time!

Register For A Secondary English Consultation (Worth $150) And I’ll Reveal How Your Child Can Excel In English With Ease Come 2023!

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Your child probably already has an English tutor.

So, why did your child’s SA2 English result fall short of your expectations…even though you spent thousands of dollars on tuition?

Well, the harsh truth is this – many English tutors and education centres, despite their best efforts, are missing this ONE key element in their teaching arsenal.

And this one element is the difference between a good English grade (B3 and higher) and a bad one (anything grade below B3).

What exactly is this X-Factor?

Ans: Results Through Values i.e. Raising Your Child’s Standards To Improve Their Performance

(I’ll explain more about this below using our 5-step methodology)

Here’s how our students have benefited thanks to our Results Through Values approach:

With Our Guidance, Your Child Can Join A Long List Of Success Stories…Even If His/Her SA2 English Result Was Mediocre. Register For A Secondary English Consultation (Worth $150) And I’ll Reveal How Your Child Can Excel In English With Ease Come 2023

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Dear Parents,

This is a crucial moment in your child’s academic journey.

What you do NOW will dictate how your child performs for English in 2023.

Since you’re still reading, I assume that your child did not do as well as he/she could have for the recent SA2 English paper.

It’s ok to be frustrated. It’s normal to be worried. It’s totally fine if you’re uncertain and unsure about the future.

But what’s most important now is: Empowering Your Child To Do Better For English Next Year.

Especially with the significant changes to the English Syllabus and with the next exam on the horizon.

So, let us help.

After all, we’ve helped a countless number of students improve by 2 grades or more and score ‘As’ for English, even if results were average/poor before joining us.

Your child can be the next in our long line of success stories!

See our past successes for yourself:

Register For A Secondary English Consultation (Worth $150) And I’ll Reveal How Your Child Can Excel In English With Ease In 2023!

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Why Choose Us Over Other English Centres?

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-06 at 15.36.16

As far as I know, no other centre employs the same teaching methodology as us.

I mentioned above about our “Results Through Values” approach to English.

This can be your child’s “secret weapon” to improve English results rapidly and massively…even if performance is far from ideal currently.

Here’s our 5-step methodology which integrates values with effective academic techniques, to allow our students to achieve success in both life and studies.

Step 1 In Achieving Results Through Values: Self-Awareness

Your child will first need to recognise where he/she stands currently in terms of his/her English standard.

There’s no point making excuses like “there’s still time to improve”, “this year’s poor result is only a blip” etc.

It’s important that your child accepts that at this moment in time, standards are not quite at the required level. YET.

This self-awareness will allow us to set clear goals and timelines in your child’s English development, making the learning process a lot more directed, purposeful and results-driven.

Step 2 In Achieving Results Through Values: Fostering Obedience

Guiding A Child V3

Students have a tendency to worry about external factors beyond their control.

E.g. How their classmates are performing, what are the possible exam questions etc.

Those are distractions which only serve to hinder their potential.

Instead, we instill obedience in our students by making sure they focus 100% on what they can control, simply by following our instructions.

Be it during exams, during tuition or during their own revision time, we have specific sets of instructions to bring out the best in our students in those key situations.

Do it our way, and students will have a proven winning formula to conquer all possible obstacles, as they will simply be focusing on controlling their controllables, and not what is happening around them.

In other words, ace-ing English exams will become a lot more possible!

Step 3 In Achieving Results Through Values: Implementation Of Customised Learning Strategies

At DO Applied Learning, we don’t believe in a one-sized-fits-all approach to English.

Instead, we customise specific learning strategies for each and everyone of our students.

That’s why we prefer reasonably sized classes – to allow our teachers to spend the necessary time with each student to formulate their roadmap to English success.

We actually turn down many students who apply for our lessons too late. This is done to avoid upsetting the balance of the class!

If your child joins us, rest assured that he/she will receive a customised solution to achieve a good grade for EOY English next year.

Step 4 In Achieving Results Through Values: Confidence-Building

Even the best laid plans can go awry.

Many students suffer from “exam-day syndrome”, despite being well-prepared beforehand.

When that happens, panic and stress will takeover, likely resulting in under-performance.

This is especially true for English, which requires a lot more critical thinking ability than other subjects.

That’s why building confidence is so important.

We do this by putting our students through intense exam preparations. This is an essential confidence-building exercise often overlooked by others.

Just so you know, we don’t only do generic “mock exams”. Instead, we delve deep into each student’s character, and customize our teaching techniques to fit their learning patterns.

Doing this will allow students to perform at peak ability, even in the face of overwhelming stress.

This is done so that they will have confidence that the instructions that they have worked to follow and implement, can navigate them through their English exams successfully.

Step 5 In Achieving Results Through Values: Self-Directed Learning

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-15 at 13.57.43

You may have seen other tuition centres talk about “magic formulas” that can lead to almost instant improvements in results.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news…

But life, and academics, don’t work that way.

You can’t expect results without putting in the effort, no matter how powerful the teaching strategy.

In order to maximize our students’ efforts, we cultivate self-directed learning.

Even without supervision from teachers or parents, our students have the discipline to learn and complete essential tasks on their own.

We help them to raise their standards so they have the desire to want to do better – this is basically what values-based learning means.

Simultaneously, we equip them with the necessary tools they need to do well.

In sum… 

The Right Tools + The Right Values = English Exam Success Achieved The Right Way!

With Our Help, Your Child Can Join Our Long List Of Success Stories…Even If His/Her SA2 English Result Was Mediocre. Register For A Secondary English Consultation (Worth $150) And I’ll Reveal How Your Child Can Excel In English With Ease In 2023!

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A Final Word Before You Register For Your Secondary English Consultation…

Change nothing. And nothing changes.

If for some reason you’re still on the fence about signing up for this irresistible offer, keep that in mind.

It’s obvious that your child needs help in English.

It’s clear that whatever was being taught in the past did not work.

It’s apparent that change is necessary…if you want your child to ace English next year.

After all, change nothing; And nothing changes.

So let’s help your child make positive changes – To Achieve Results Through Honing The Right Values…
…and get an ‘A’ for English at the EOY exams next year.

First things first – Register for your Secondary English Consultation with me, Teacher Daniel.

If you believe in my Results Through Values approach, let’s talk. Let me help. Let me do what I do best.

Together, let’s help your child excel in future English exams, and lay the foundations for success in life!

Can’t wait to share more with you. Talk soon!

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To Your Child’s Academic & Life Success,

Teacher Daniel, Former Award Winning MOE Officer & English Language Specialist

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