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Transform your P5 child’s English grades from ‘C’ To ‘B’ & from ‘B’ To ‘A’ by SA2

Learn More About Our Guaranteed Results
P5 English Programme
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By Daniel Ong, Former Award-Winning MOE Officer

We’re The Only Education Centre In Singapore Who Dares To Offer This “Results Or Pay Nothing” Package… Because Our Methods Are Tested And Proven To Work.

Your Child Could Be Our Next Success Story!

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We look forward to adding your child to our growing list of English success stories

    Our P4-P5 Students Consistently Score Well With Our Proven English Language Learning System

    P5 students like Michael have consistently scored A throughout the year 

    My seniors and even my mother often warned me about how P5 was going to be much tougher than P4. They were right. Thankfully however, I was prepared well for the various papers. As a result, I consistently scored A for Paper 1, and also improved my oral grades in the process. This not only enabled me to score an A for SA1, but also helped me to improve on that score during SA2.

    Michael Liesmanto
    P5 Student, Geylang Methodist Primary School

    Furtheremore, other P5 students like Ella are consistently near or at the top of their class for English

    My elder brother had experienced a severe drop in grades during P5. My father was concerned that this would happen to me too. He thus signed me up for English lessons here. With Mr Ong’s guidance, I consistently achieved above 85% for English in all tests and exams, and I am confident that I will achieve my A* for English during the PSLE next year.

    Ella Tan
    P5 Student, Kong Hwa School

    Similarly, our P4 students such as Jayden, have also finally achieved Band 1 for English after only scoring Band 2 previously

    I scored only a Band 2 for English during my mid-year examination. I had done very poorly for Oral and Composition. After quickly identifying these weak areas, a customised programme was designed to help me improve in these areas. I had to submit weekly oral recordings, and practised composition every week. Since then, my results have improved and I not only scored a Band 1 for my P4 streaming exam this year, but was also the top student in my class.

    Jayden Ong
    P4 Student, River Valley Primary School

    In addition, other P4 students like Jun Rong have also improved by more than 10%, and have gone on to score Band 1 for English

    I used to score only 70% for English. This was because I lost many marks in the grammar and comprehension sections. I also struggled with composition as my vocabulary was quite weak. This changed after I was put on an intensive Grammar and Writing programme here. Due to this, I was able to improve in English, and even scored Band 1 for the first time during this year’s P4 streaming exam.

    Goh Jun Rong
    P4 Student, Kong Hwa School

    Beyond this, students like Timothy, have likewise improved by leaps and bounds in their writing after going through our Grammar and Writing programme

    I consistently failed Composition in the past and this pulled my English grades down. My mother was very concerned, and asked around for a recommendation. After hearing about this place, she decided to sign me up for their Grammar and Writing Programme. This helped me to score better marks for both composition and paper 2. In addition, I was made to do weekly oral practices. This gave me more confidence to speak up. Due to this, I was able to score Band 1 during the recent SA2.

    Timothy Ng
    P4 Student, North Vista Primary School

    More Importantly, Our Methods Give Them The Skills
    To Succeed In The Following Year’s PSLE

    Improved from C to A!

    I had initially struggled with English when I was younger. In fact, it was common for me to fail composition as I did not have the vocabulary to express what I thought. This all changed after joining DO Applied Learning however. The English Programme here has helped me to experience massive improvement for English and to achieve my target of getting an “A” for English at the PSLE.

    Thevin Ong
    P6 Student, Eunos Primary School

    Improved from B to A!

    The English Programme here at DO Applied Learning, has enabled me to achieve an “A” for English at both my school prelims and also at the more important PSLE. Due to this, I have successfully qualified to enter Chung Cheng High School (Main) through DSA.

    Jade Wee
    P6 Student, Maha Bodhi School

    Improved from B to A!

    My composition, paper 2, and oral scores have all improved because of the English programme here at DO Applied Learning. As a result, I have consistently achieved As in school for English. More crucially however, I have also scored an “A” for English at the PSLE this year.

    Christian Ng
    P6 Student, Kong Hwa School

    Improved from B to A!

    I used to find it challenging to develop sufficient content for Composition. Vocabulary was also another major concern for me. The Grammar and Writing Programme here at DO Applied Learning was thus very useful in helping me to formulate better ideas, and to include appropriate words in my writing. This helped me to achieve my “A” for English at the PSLE.

    Jake Chan
    P6 Student, Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

    Consistently scored over 80%!

    I really enjoy lessons here at DO Applied Learning, especially during composition class, where I have experienced massive improvement in my creative writing. Since joining, I have consistently scored As for Composition. This has helped me to score over 80% for every exam, and secure my “A” grade at the PSLE! These stellar results have qualified me for a place in Anglican High School.

    Sewell Mak
    P6 Student, Nan Chiau Primary School

    Enable Your Child To Benefit The Same Way

    Schedule Your Child’s Free Consultation (Worth $150)!

      Did You Know?

      Please read this if your child is scoring below your expectations for English today

      Tremendous changes have been made to the Upper Primary English Syllabus. It is tougher, and so more students tend to struggle!

      In fact, just two years ago in 2016, an 11 year-old child committed suicide due to poor grades arising from the P5 drop.

      Because of this unfortunate incident, MOE released a statement to clarify that P5 students tend to see a dip in their results, due to changes in exam format in preparation for the PSLE.

      So what does this mean for you and your upper primary child?

      Ans: It’s getting tougher and tougher to get good grades in upper primary!

      And if you’re reading this, I assume it’s because your child’s recent English results were not ideal.

      In fact, it was probably a lot lower than what you expected.

      Even though the curriculum got a whole lot tougher, you might still be wondering: Why did your child underperform?

      This is why:

      Wrong Study Methods

      No amount of mugging, hard work and effort can remedy this serious problem. Chances are, it probably made things worse!

      The truth is… many teachers (even the ones you pay sky-high tuition fees for) are still using outdated methods to teach English.

      I should know, since I was part of the MOE team that was responsible for putting together the recent changes to the PSLE..

      So, take it from someone who has been in the “inner circle”… your child is probably being taught all the wrong “grade-killing” methods which are unable to keep up with the ever changing system!

      What do I mean? Here’s a checklist for your easy understanding:

      Grade Killer #1: Struggling With Ideas For Composition

      English is a fluid subject. Unlike Math or Science, no amount of memory work will help your child during crunch time (exam time) if your child does not understand what he/she is doing.

      If your child is currently trying to memorise model compositions, bombastic words, and theories on how to handle Paper 1… stop. It’s a waste of brain space!

      Instead of this ineffective method, your child should be taught how to understand, diagnose and actively answer each and every question, before developing a clear and concise story plan for it.

      Through our “Think And Do” storylining approach, we prepare our students to be ready for all questions (no matter how tricky), and use the right phrases to express themselves appropriately.

      Grade Killer #2: Compre, Compre Cloze, and
      Visual Text Woes

      These sections are the bane of many upper primary students’ existence.

      I’m not exaggerating (I wish I was).

      Before enrolling in Do Applied Learning’s programme, many of our students scored very poorly for these section, which pulled down their grades massively.

      Thankfully, we have a 3-Step Answering Scheme specially designed to tackle these grade killers which make up 45% of the paper 2 grade.

      It lists down specific steps on the correct way to analyse a passage, and how to find the right words to fill in the blanks.

      Many of our students consistently score an A grade for these sections after applying this simple but effective answering scheme. 

      Grade Killer #3: Feeling Nervous During The Oral Stimulus

      No matter how well prepared your child is, being in a stressful exam environment right in front of the examiners can lead to severe under-performance in this section which has a 20% weight in the exam.

      This is especially true for English, which requires a lot more critical thinking ability, and also instant on-the-spot reactions, as your child has to directly face the examiners by themselves.

      That’s why we put our students through intense oral examination preparations. This not only equips them with content knowledge, but also acts as an essential mental strengthening exercise that is often overlooked.

      Just so you know, we do not only do generic “mock oral practices”. Instead, we cover a host of commonly test themes, and provide specific written feedback to each child on how to improve.

      This ensures 100% readiness to perform at peak ability, even in the face of overwhelming stress.

      Here’s Proof From Happy Parents Who Entrusted Their Children’s English Results With Us

      “A” In English For The First Time

      Finally Crossed 80% For English

      From struggling with borderline passes to scoring over 80%

      Help Your Child To Achieve Similar Improvement!

      Schedule Your Child’s Free Consultation (Worth $150)!

        Take The 1st Step To Equip Your Child With
        A Proven English Language Learning System

        Gone are the days when English exams were all about Grammar and Vocab.

        To score well for today’s English exams, your child needs to be proficient in logical thinking, inferential ability and creativity.

        I’m assuming those skillsets are currently lacking in your child’s arsenal. That’s why you’re here after all!

        You want (need) a solution. A proven-to-work formula so your child can easily ace English exams.

        A simple yet effective study system to help your child navigate and conquer the choppy waters of upper primary English exams.

        Good news:

        You Came to The Right Place!

        Do Applied Learning’s Guaranteed Results English Programme is exactly what your child requires to finally score that elusive “A” grade.

        A countless number of upper primary students have benefited. And now, so can your child!

        First things first. Register for your complimentary Upper Primary English Consultation.

        I will personally show you:

        1) What your child’s game plan should be;

        2) Why our methods work a lot better than others; and,

        3) How our team of teachers can pull your child’s English grade up by 10% or more within just months.

        Fill in your details below, and I’ll contact you to arrange your consultation ASAP. Talk soon!

        To Your Child’s English Success

        Daniel Ong
        Chief English Language Specialist & Head Tutor
        DO Applied Learning

        More Proof That Our Methods Can Help Your Child Improve By At Least 10% For English Exams

        I did not expect my daughter to score so well!

        Finally Scored An “A” For English!

        From Failing Oral To Scoring “A” For It!

        Schedule Your Child’s Free Consultation (Worth $150)!

        We look forward to adding your child to our growing list of English success stories

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